Our Sire(s):

The cats featured below are cats that are my loving pets as well as breeding males.  These boys have playful, affectionate temperaments, and they are sure to pass that same personality trait to their beautiful offspring.  It is very important in a breeding program to have phenomenal (close to perfection) males, because kittens tend to have the majority of the fathers physical features/typing, and of course most importantly the shared temperament.

Our Sires are registered with T.I.C.A &/or C.F.A

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Azureys Dante Osiris of Tresor Cats

Seal Lynx Point Balinese Sire

 (CFA & TICA registered)

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SilkenSand Lord Cyrus of Tresor Cats

Lilac Point  Siamese Sire

 (CFA & TICA registered)

MyBaliSi Jay Gatsby of Tresor Cats

Chocolate Point Balinese Sire

 (CFA & TICA registered)