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Hi Annabel,

Tonto Tatu is doing very well.  He's a wonderful kitty.  A real purr pot!  He adores playing fetch, knows his name, knows NO (very good), eats and eats and eats, plays with lots of different toys (mostly destroying them in the process), loves belly rubs, gets along well with Tosca ( mimics whatever Tosca does usually) and has very good litter box habits.  I have five litter boxes for three kitties and he makes sure he uses each one!  Tonto actually seems like I could train to use the human toilet! I'm not sure I want his little paws all over the seat, though.  He is very, very smart.  And very, very loving.

He's been to the vet twice and has all his shots.  He's scheduled for Thursday, Jan 26 for his neutering. He's going to hate the 12 hour fast beforehand, and I hope I can live through the temper tantrum he'll throw because there's no food/water out there to eat.  Did I mention he loves to eat, ha ha, LOVES to eat.  

Dr. Ladhar is wonderful. Thank you so much for recommending him. I intend to use his clinic for all my kitties.

I suppose when he's neutered I let you know and that's when we can get him registered with whatever cat association you pick?  His chip has been activated. Did it online. Very nice.

He is sooooo beautiful. That's Tonto lying next to Tosca's tail on the left. He's over four pounds now.  Very sturdy kitty though I don't think he'll be as big as Tosca.  His paws are much smaller than Tosca's were at the same age.

That's all for now.  Thanks so much for the gorgeous kitty.  Hope you are doing well and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Tanya, T. of Fairfield, CA

(E-Mail Sent 1/8/2017)

Hi Annabel,

Maleficent is an absolute sweetheart! I honestly can't say that I've ever been around a kitten with so much Love to give! I was prepared for there to be a transition period to gain her confidence in me but there was none! She came out with head bumps and wanting to rub against me. She stole my heart! Boy is she ever a talker! LOL

I went straight to my Vet with her from the airport which turned out to be not a good decision on my part. My vet suggested that I bring her back on Monday rather than stress her anymore than she already was. When we went in on Monday my Vet had been called out on an emergency barn call and they didn't expect he would be back in that afternoon. Strike two! Finally on Tuesday she got her Wellness Exam completed; with flying colors of course.    

Your paper work was in excellent order! You have no idea how much I appreciate that! My Vet took the time to read over the contract and made note of her Health Record.

Zoe's rating of Mally's hair was right on. It's soft as cake flour and so plush. Almost feels cool to the touch. Love her sweet little face. Her eyes would stop a three day clock. Her tail is just beautiful. Love the plume.

I had originally planned on keeping her in my bedroom for her first two weeks here. As it turns out, I have no toddlers at this time, so she's in that room instead. It's fairly large with lots of toys, cat trees and windows to look out of. She's been in there for a week now and I plan to start introducing her to the remainder of the house and my fur babies next weekend. I'm sure she is missing her friend Black Pearl. Makes me feel sad for her. Hopefully she and Sophia will become buddies. They are three months apart in age.

Thank you again for allowing Mally into my home!


Paula H., of Madisonville, KY

(E-Mail sent October 1, 2016)

Hi Annabel,

It's nice to hear from you!  We are so delighted in our new kitty, she is so much fun, adorable, agile and intelligent. She is so smart and agile, I am thinking she should be in an agility training classes.   She is doing very well and having a great time exploring the house, playing and getting into mischief.  Yes, she has fully acclimated to the house.  She has helped me to reorganize my desk and do some redecorating lol.  She has a favorite toy in something that is like scrunched up shiny Christmas paper.  She loves to play soccer with it in the kitchen, she will play fetch when I throw it for her  and is so cute when she carries it.   She follows me everywhere I go, she's my little shadow and helper.

She learns quickly; has learned the word no and stops the behavior when told no.  I was finally able to trim her nails the other evening while she was relaxing on my desk.  She is comfortable with Bob now and it's still a work in progress with being comfortable with Daniel, as he's not home much.  

She has been to the vet and has done very well except for when it came to shots.  She does not enjoy those at all, but a hug from mom, helps to make her happy. She does very well at home after her shots, the best I have ever seen from any of the cats we have owned over the years.  She passed her stool test and is doing well.  She weighs a little over 3lbs now.  She has had some reddish brown discharge from her eyes.  I asked the vet about it and she checked her eyes and thinks it's most likely from allergies.  The vet says she is doing well and is beautiful!

No concerns for now, I will let you know if any come up.  

All the paperwork has been completed, submitted and accepted.

"Fauna's" new name is now Callie Grace Hope.  We call her Callie or Callie Grace.  Each one has a special meaning.  This is the first pet I have ever given a Bible verse to.  I picked the name Callie because I thought it is cute like her and later learned it means beautiful, which she is.  Grace is for God's gift of grace, Daniel chose this name and Hope is for Titus 2:13   "Looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior Christ Jesus.", due to the times we are living in.

I saw you accepted my friend request, thank you.  I am hoping to get some pictures of her on FB soon, but mine are nowhere near are beautiful as yours!

Thank you for this beautiful little fur ball!  She is such a sweet blessing.

God bless,

Karen, B. of San Jose, CA

(E-mail sent September 19, 2016)

Hi Annabel!

Sorry it took me a couple of days to get back to you. Zuko is doing very well, he is as curious and cuddly and playful as ever, probably even more so as he gets older :)

Zuko LOVES being help with his front paws over our shoulders as we carry him around the apartment. We think it's because he likes seeing everything that's going on! He even whines if we put him down!

Yes, we did go to the vet. And we went to the same one twice before we decided to go to a different vet. Both times (though we can tell they really love cats, and they are a cat specific practice) we felt very guilt tripped by them that we did not have two cats. The vet kept saying over and over that Zuko needed a friend and Will and I can't afford a second cat right now, much less want a second one due to the size of our apartment. We spoil him like crazy and play with him every single day :) He has so much love! So, this Friday we are going to a different vet in hopes for a better experience.

Zuko is definitely fully acclimated! When we go out now, we let him have full reign of the apartment. He is very good about only scratching on his scratching posts and we haven't had any issues with him being destructive. He also loves the cat structure that we bought him.

As for questions, do we ever need to give him baths? This is something we are very curious about :) Also, how often do kittens need their deworming medication? I know that he had some when he was in your hands, and we have also given him one dose since. The Vet we are going to this Friday is recommending another and we wanted to ask if that is necessary.

Thank you Annabel! We are very pleased with Zuko and his temperament.

Elisabeth, Y. of Marietta, GA

(E-mail sent March 9, 2016)

Hi Annabel,

Jasmine (Unique) is doing great! She has been to the vet twice since we got her. The first time within 72 hours, per your health guarantee. The second to finish shots. We are waiting until close to one year to do rabies per your suggestion. The vet says she's very healthy, if not very small.

Jasmine is doing very well, she passed the three pound mark this week, which is great since at our first vet visit she was only 1lb 15oz. She loves the freedom of the whole condo and is doing very well with her sisters. She loves to chase our 3yo calico, Rose around the house. She spends most of her time when not running around cuddling with either myself or Andrea. She is starting to be almost as vocal as our other Siamese (mix). All three get along and have mostly worked out their issues. Jasmine is very good at getting what she wants with the two older cats. The two others seem to accept that she is sticking around, the calico likes to play with her. Our oldest the Siamese mix enjoys her company but doesn't play much with anybody.

We have already registered her both with the microchip place and with TICA and gotten her paperwork back!

Overall, she is a very sweet but spirited kitty and a joy in our lives! Thank you!

Attached are a few pictures of Jasmine.

Mary & Andrea, M..S. of Campbell, CA

(E-mail sent March 8, 2016)

Yes all is great!!...the babies are doing wonderful...they have had 2 vets appts since I picked them up...all they  have left to get is their rabies shot...no problems or bad reactions at either appt...they spend most of their time in my room...at night and during the day when we're not home to watch them...when we're home we let them have run of the house....Ryder (our male) likes to squeeze himself under furniture still and eat random things off the floor..& pippa is my  nosey  one who likes to jump on things and take things that don't belong to her lol :) ...they weren't fond of bear our dog at first but now they  don't even notice him around...and he leaves them alone too...I don't have any concerns...I love them so much...they  run wild at night but eventually calm down and join me in bed...and in the mornings they both lay on me and purr non stop....they are very cuddly...Ryder will lay  anywhere and let anyone pet him...pippa is more selective but still loves attention and a good petting...and they absolutely love each other..pippa grooms Ryder often and he lets her..thanks for the check in!...ill send pics too.

Melissa, A. of  Port Hueneme, CA

(E-mail Sent 10/31/2015)

Hi Annabel,

Paxton Thenardier (his full registered name) is doing great. He had his #3/final FVRCP (Merial)  this past Tuesday, 10/27/15 and was quite tired afterwards, just as he was after his #2 vaccination but was his usual bouncing boy by the next day. He was 16 weeks, 5 days that day and weighed in at 5lbs....vet said he'll be a pretty big boy at possibly around 10 lbs. He is more and more beautiful as he grows and his personality shows.  He is very people oriented (especially His people) and seems to love our older female, Minky, and doesn't understand why she doesn't play with him....hard as he tries....talk about persistent! We are still hoping Minky will grow to accept him better.

It did not take him long to acclimate and claim the whole house as his world once I let him out of my bedroom/bathroom area where he lived for about the first 2 weeks (and he spends the nights).

I guess my only concern right now is that both cats are not fond of their Grain - Free Life's Abundance with the vitamin powder added. I mixed 1 cup into the 15 lb bag and shock it about well to disperse it evenly but Minky, who loved the food previously, will eat it more reluctantly and Paxton seemed much more fond of the Regular Life's Abundance that you sent home with me. I do occasionally mix some of the canned Instinctive Choice with a few crunchies for him but of course he prefers the canned by itself. I'm giving them both 1/4 of a can in the am and then again in the pm....hoping to encourage them both to eat the vitamin enriched crunchies that are always available.

All the paperwork went well at my end although I have not heard back from the chip registry company. Is that normal? I also had the vet add one of the ID scan tags to Paxton file so it is part of his permanent record.

Love our furbaby!


Joan, B. of Reno, NV

(E-mail Sent 10/31/2015)

Hi Annabel!,

"Lucy Love Burnett" is doing very well! She has fully acclimated to our home and is frequently exploring. She plays a lot but then has periods of cuddle time. Her vet visit went very well, as I reported earlier. We will be bringing her for her 3rd and final distemper shot in a few weeks. I sent in all of the necessary paperwork right away, so there shouldn't be any problems with that.

One hilarious issue that we have come across is her incessant need to sit on my laptop keyboard, whether I am using it or not. I initially thought it was that she wanted attention, but often I walk into the room and she's up there sleeping even when I wasn't using it. It isn't warm either, as it's one of the newer models. I made awful sounds to deter her initially, but after a few days she just settled in even more when noises were made (she's too smart lol). I recently lined a box with a blanket and put it on the desk beside my computer, and keep moving her to it when she goes on the keyboard. Do you happen to have any additional tips for this small issue? I hear going on owner's keyboards is a "cat thing."

Nonetheless, Lucy is absolutely wonderful and we love her so much. I attached a photo I took of her at 13 weeks, and will send you some more as time goes on.

Thanks again for everything,

Karissa, B. of Pasadena, CA

(E-mail sent September 27, 2015)

Hi Annabel,

We are enthralled with our new kitty (Bella)!  She is queen of the household!  

She is doing very well and loves to chase things that we throw for her.  She also loves our computer keyboards!

We kept her in our guest room for the first two weeks but now she has full access to the entire house.  She loves to sleep on an old wool shawl on one of our Ikea chairs while our older cat loves the new kitty bed that we bought for Bella.

She had her first vet appointment on April 15.  

I sent in a check and her paperwork to Viaguard, and her paperwork to CFF.

Attached is a picture my husband took of Bella sleeping in the sunshine in our living room.

Thank you so much, again!

Christa, R.

Bellingham, WA

( E-mail sent May 7th 2014)

Hi Annabel,

Our kitten (Jinxy) is doing fantastic! She acclimated right away and is very comfortable in her home. She loves everyone and comes when we call her. Her personality is so sweet and she loves attention and playing, but also loves to cuddle up to sleep with us--day or night.

I sent in all the paperwork right away and she saw the vet 2 days after I picked her up. Jinxy goes back to the vet this Friday for more shots. The veterinarian loves her and compliments her eyes non stop. Everyone loves how blue her eyes are.

I attached some pics--mostly with my son (she adores him!)-- of her with our family, so you can see that she is happy!

Thank you!

Jamie, D.

Arroyo Grande, CA

(E-mail sent 1/28/2014)

Hi Annabel,

Thanks for checking in with us.  Our kitten - his new name is Maximus (Max for short) in honor of his father - is absolutely wonderful!!!!  It took him about 24 hours to get comfortable with us and it has been smooth sailing ever since.  He is sweet, playful, and so well trained in terms of his litter box.  He is incredible with our kids and their friends - gentle and patient.  He seems to have acclimated well to our house and has his favorite spots throughout the day. We are just thrilled with the new addition to our family.  

Max has been to the vet and had the rest of his shots.  He was pronounced very healthy with a big stomach.

Annabel, thank you so much!


Wendy, K.

Seattle, WA

(E-mail sent 1/27/2014)

Hi Annabel!

We luv our little boy who has been named "Alexander Maximillian" but we call him "Max"!!! Or ninja, or sweet boy, or cuddlebug...... You get the idea :)

He has taken over the house, plays tag with the boys, and luvs his cat tree! He's quite the entertainer and literally flies thru the air to get his toys! He is also quite the conversationalist!!! About day 3 he started sleeping in my bed & still does! His second vet appt is Weds (1/29) & all my friends are super jealous if this little guy!

I have passed your website info along and know of a couple of people who might be interested in one of your fur babies!

Shari, S.

Vacaville, CA

(E-mail sent 1/27/2014)

Hi Annabel,

We were just talking this morning about how much we LOVE our little "Mittens"! She is the best little kitty! She has such a sweet personality and is really great with the kids. She lets them pick her up and hold her and she loves playing with them. She has done a great job going potty in her litter box, and she has a healthy appetite. She has doubled in size.

With all of the holiday activities we have going on, we have not made it to the vet yet. We plan on going first thing next week.

Thank you so much for all of your help and love that you give to your kitties. Mittens is the perfect addition to our family!

Thank you & God Bless,

Rebekah, F.

Aliso Viejo, CA

(E-mail sent 12/31/2013)

Bently has acclimated well. He has taken over most of the house. {Lol}. We are learning to hide all the baby bottles and binkies since he seems to have a fetish for them. My 5 yr old carries him around all over the place and he seems to enjoy it. We did take him to a vet and he was healthy. He is very feisty at 4 a.m. so sometimes I lock him out of my room to get an extra hour of sleep :-) He is beautiful. Anyone that sees him says that they have never seen a prettier cat. We all love him.

Nicole, M.

Clovis, CA

( E-mail sent 6/24/2013)


(New Update as of 5/07/2014)

He's very gentle with the baby. He stalks my 6 yr old probably because he messes with him more. He loves the baby and tolerates his accidental hair pulling. He's grown into a beautiful cat.

Thank you so much for the follow-up call.
We are so pleased with our " Scarlett" , she is an absolute doll and extremely affectionate...she purrs like a little machine!  She has a very outgoing personality and is one beautiful Balinese kitten !!!!  Please see the attached pictures I took of her this past weekend and in the last picture with her new half sister, Layla ,our Lilac Point Balinese who is 2.5 weeks older than Scarlett.  Both of them were playing together like kids this weekend and it was so much fun to watch the two of them having such a great time together!!!  I can not thank you enough for the quality of kittens you breed and for making the travel arrangements so easy.  It was such a pleasure to work with you and I very much appreciate the detail of which you go through.  I would like very much and will write a my recommendations on your web page .  I would also like to send you more pictures of Scarlett as she grows !!

Thank you and take care.


Roswell, GA

Hi Annabel,

Little Lady Violet has definitely settled in! She's doing well, and was quite a hit at the vet's office. All was well there; she's got a clean bill of health and the vet said she's a spunky, perfectly healthy little fur ball. =)

My house meets with her approval - she settled in just fine, no issues with using the litter box or eating. She eagerly explored her confinement area, and once she had full run of the house, she eagerly explored that too. My living room has a very wide windowsill and overlooks a small courtyard/park. She loves to sit in the windowsill and watch the world go by: there's always someone out there having coffee, lounging and reading a book, walking a dog, changing the flowers in the flowerbeds, etc. I call it "Kitten Satellite TV". (I'm on the 7th floor, the courtyard/garden is on the 5th floor so she's got a great, front row-and-center view). She enjoys perching on my shoulder when I'm watching TV, and most nights, she sleeps curled up nestled under my chin. (Aww, too sweet!). I work from home half of the time, and she enjoys "helping". (She was a hit during a conference call yesterday!)  Her funniest antic so far is that she discovered the pad of post-it notes on my desk. She likes to "hunt" them, and will tear off a single post-it note and carry it proudly around the house. While she is extremely high energy and I've never seen a kitten play so intensely (or so intelligently!) she is also the sweetest, most cuddly kitten I've ever been around. She's definitely bonded to me and follows me around the house, loves to be on my lap/shoulder or curled up near me, "helping" me do whatever I am doing. (in fact, she just walked across the keyboard and I had to delete a line of "fgwnowvnvwonvwowfhof"!)

Thank you so much for entrusting me with one of your precious babies, and for giving her such a wonderful start in life. I'm looking forward to twenty years of love, cuddles, purring and companionship.

Best Wishes,

Courtney (and Violet)

San Jose, CA


(New Update as of 6/28/12)

Hi Annabel,

I can't believe my little Violet is almost one year old!

I wanted to give you an update and let you know how she's doing. This little girl most definitely rules the house! She's extremely intelligent, mischievous, cuddly, incredibly friendly and people-oriented, and loves to be the center of attention. All of my friends are head over heels in love with her -- I think they come over to see her, not me! Every time I entertain, she's the life of the party, happily jumping from shoulder to shoulder and investigating everyone's lap. She also loves to be carried around. Truly, I have never been around a more social, outgoing, people-oriented kitty. Usually, new friends can pick her up within a moment or two of walking in the door and it isn't long until she's licking their face -- but I let everyone think they're just extra special and don't tell them she's like this with almost everyone.

She's also incredibly beautiful. Her little chocolate mask continues to spread (I can't wait to see her once she has a full mask!), and you would not believe her gorgeous, fluffy tail. She's very proud of her tail, and swishes it most elegantly when she walks around the house. Her eyes have stayed that vivid blue-violet color, and are so stunning that I've even had friends gasp when they see her for the first time. (Many people have thought the kitty pics I've posted on Facebook were photo shopped until they meet her in person.)

Having her in my life has been such a blessing this past year, and has made my life so much richer.

- Courtney

San Jose, CA

Good morning Annabel,

The kittens are doing very, very well. We decided to stick with the names you gave them. It just seemed natural to us.  Paddy adjusted a bit more quickly to our home than Pierce. Paddy seemed comfortable almost immediately, but Pierce has a temperament that is a bit more cautious and it took him about a day to adjust. Now they both are running around like they own the house. :) They use their litter box and have had no accidents. Yay!  Our dog  Maggie has adjusted to them as well and vice versa. Paddy will walk right up to Maggie and has no fear. Pierce isn't  quite as brave, but will sneak up on her for a sniff, while Maggie is napping. Maggie likes to lick them and play with  them and their toys, but only under our supervision. Quite a contrast to see our 75lb Boxer next to these little guys.  Last night, all three of them fell asleep together. I didn't leave them together for the night, but it was sweet to see.

They were checked out by our vet and they seem to be in great health. :)  They were quite the hit at the vet's office.

Lots of oooohs and ahhhhhhs.

Emily and Elizabeth hold them and play with them all the time.  It was great to get them at the beginning of summer, so they are out of school to enjoy them.  I find myself playing with them and holding them quite a bit too and neglecting some of my household duties. :)

Annabel, I have spent quite a bit of time with many different kittens and cats over my life time and I have to let you know that these kitties are the friendliest, sweetest, most cuddly, and most beautiful kittens ever.  I had read a lot about Balinese cats before deciding on what breed we wanted to invest in, but we are overwhelmed with joy about how much these kitties match up with all we were hoping for and wanting in a kitten. They always follow us around the house,  they continually show affection, they are playful and they happily jump in our laps for cuddle/nap time. My girls feel like they are in heaven. So glad we have two!  They each have one to hold and play with and we love the fact the the little brothers have each other for companionship. They are a lot of fun to watch while they run and play together. Right now, both kitties are in my lap. These little guys are the most affectionate kittens!!!!  Aside from sleeping on our laps, they love to nuzzle their little heads under our chins. They are the most beautiful kittens and their fur is incredibly soft. I (we) seriously could just hold them all day.  

I will forward you some pictures.

Thank you very much for allowing us to own two of your beautiful babies.  You truly did a wonderful job in breeding them and preparing them for their new home.  They were ready for the transition and you supplied us with a wealth of information and supplies to help us with their transition.  We were amazed at all of the items you supplied us with for their new home.  We truly thank you for a wonderful experience from start to finish.  You have always been very helpful, informative, prompt in your communications, and very organized in this process from start to finish.  Your professionalism and love of your cats shines through in all you do.  If anyone I know is interested in a Siamese or Balinese kitten, I will send them your way with no hesitation and a glowing recommendation.

Thank you!  Thank you!

Ellen and family

Pleasant Hill, CA

Hi Annabel - thanks for checking in, little Riley is doing beautifully!  He passed his initial checkup with the vet on Monday, 6/6, and he'll go back next week for a shot.

Not only is he beautiful to look at, he also has just the best personality - he's confident (not hiding in closets or under the bed) but not standoffish at all.  He loves to be held and cuddled, is so very affectionate and lovable and always wants to be where the rest of the family is.  He quickly bonded with both Joe and me and was very interested in our other two cats.  It took a little time, but both two-year old litter mates Teddy and Zoey have accepted him now.

They're now napping with him, grooming him, watching him play and letting him chase them through the house which is just hysterical to see, given the difference in their sizes since Zoey weighs 10 lbs, Teddy weighs 13 lbs., and Riley was just over 2 lbs. at his checkup.

We're all having a lot of fun having him here with us and all indications are that he will be a talker, an added bonus which makes us even happier.

Best regards,

Karen & Joe, D.

San Francisco, CA

Hey Annabel,

Thank you for checking in.  Evan and I are so ecstatic about our kittens.  Officially, our male kitten's name is Kauai and our leading lady's name is Kona.  Our kittens are doing very well.  Evan and I took your advice by keeping Kauai and Kona in a secluded area in our home.  It took our kittens two days to get really comfortable in their new environment.  Kona did start off as a diva, but came to be very sweet.  Kona is more of the daredevil and Kauai is very bashful.  Speaking of Kauai, he ran away many of times when Evan and I tried picking him up.  It took a "MAN WITH A PLAN" attitude to win Kauai's trust.  Once I was able to lift Kauai, I held him tight, and lovingly said, " You don't know me now, but I am your papa and I am not going anywhere".  After that, Kauai has opened his heart and soul to us.

Evan took our kittens to the vet last Wednesday.  The vet concluded that Kauai and Kona are very healthy kittens.  We have an appointment with the vet in three weeks.  Kauai and Kona are officially registered to us as their rightful owners.  This Saturday marks two weeks with us.  Evan and I are looking forward to Kauai and Kona exploring the rest of their new home.  

Thanks for providing us with such remarkable kittens...your initial upbringing of these kittens has been a blessing in itself.  

Have a great weekend and beyond!!

Tim, B.   :)

Oakland, CA

P.S.    I have attached a short movie along with some pictures for your enjoyment


Hi Annabel,

Well, Keiko {Blue Pt. Siamese} is doing just fine! He adores his brother and sister!
They all get along so well. Tuki and Keiko play all the time! We absolutely LOVE him! We are having such a great time with him! He is so spoiled rotten it's ridiculous! He already has two huge boxes under the tree full of kitty gifts!

We have enclosed some pictures for you. Keiko has the most beautiful face! He is a real joy and we feel very lucky to have him! We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and terrific new year. Always remember, Keiko is one of your kittens who is having the best life a cat could ever wish for!

~Kevin and Terri
(From Christmas Card Sent 12/2010)


Hi Annabel,

Well, baby Keiko is doing great! Our other two Siamese cats LOVE him! He is such a sweet kitten and so well
behaved! He hasn't even tried to climb the Christmas tree or play with the ornaments! We love him so much. He is such a cuddly boy! He is being properly spoiled (I think he owns every cat toy ever made!) He pretty much runs the entire house. He is quite the talker! (I love it!) He announces himself every time he enters the room! We are so happy with our beautiful little boy! We wanted you to know that he is very happy and so are we!

~Terri & Kevin, A.
Pleasanton, CA

Dear Annabel,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having Isabelle as a new [addition] to our young family. We are both proud service members of our country and you have been so kind and informative since I first contacted you about her. Isabelle is adorable, we love her very much. She is not living with us as our pet but as our little girl. She cuddles all [the] time and is very affectionate. We expected a kitten, but instead we received a blessing.  She has become the greatest joy in each day since she has been here. We decided to keep her name because it suits her well. She is such a happy, full of energy, loving little kitten. We want to share this picture of us 3 together and in uniform after a military dinner to give you our appreciation of services you have done for us. Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful kitten, and being supportive with all the questions we have asked. God bless you and your God given talent.


SSG Alexander Y., United States Army
TSGT Ashlea W, United States Air Force
Long Beach, CA

Hi Annabel,

Annabel, we wanted to thank you for our experience in the purchase of a Balinese kitten. The entire process from our first e-mail inquiry until delivery of the kitten was exceptional. You answered all of our questions in a timely and thorough manner. It was clear to us from the onset how much you care for the kittens and want to make certain they are welcomed into a safe and loving environment. We appreciated how responsive you were to all our questions and how you stayed on top of everything. You did a great job on handling the travel arrangements and the kitten arrived safe and sound ready to play. She immediately became a member of the family and is always following someone around wanting to be picked up! She definitely has a very sweet and loving personality. Naturally, we were concerned about making such a commitment without getting to see the kittens, but it took no time at all to feel at ease with our decision. The entire process was very professional and made us feel comfortable. We absolutely recommend to anyone who is looking to purchase a Siamese or Balinese to look no further than {Tresor Cats, Formerly To-Pher Cattery}.


The Anderson Family

Hi Annabel:

I just wanted to update you on "Luke" when you had him. We named him "Manny". He is adorable, and now
almost a year old (3/31/09 is his birthday). He came into our household with another cat (Abyssinian) and dog (King Charles Cavalier). They accepted him greatly, and now the three are best of friends. He has really brought a presence to our house, and is absolutely loved by everyone.

Thanks, again, for such a wonderful Siamese cat.


Steve, D.
Pleasanton, CA

I just wanted to tell you thanks. Rambo [is] a sweet kitten, [and] its been about two weeks since he came home.
Every day he comes more out of [the] new kitten shell, he is already king of the house. He has beautiful markings which are coming out. [One] day when he gets all his markings in, he is going to be a very handsome boy even more than he already is. He is such a lover, if I go anywhere he is waiting for me once i get home. Every body that sees him cant get over how beautiful he is. Again thanks for starting him on the right socialization [from] the start(which really helps your kittens out, when they get started on the right foot before they get the forever homes). I will definitely tell any one that wants a Siamese kitten to come to you.

Thank you,

Ernest, C.
Redding, CA

Hi Annabel,

I must apologize for taking so long to write you with a review about little Molokai! But, better late...

I can hardly believe that the cute little kitten that I brought home from your cattery is now 6 months old and weighed in at 9 pounds a few weeks ago. Molokai's new name is Aloysius (Alley Oops, Wishes) and he's as sweet and lovable as ever. When I told you the qualities I was looking for, I never thought that I would end up with a kitten that was such a perfect fit. It's almost like I had a hand in selecting his DNA.

Aloysius' favorite toys are his Crinkle Balls and the mini Crinkle Balls and he brings one up on the bed in the morning and sets it down near my face. He loves to fetch and brings all of his toys right back to me and he'll even put them right in the palm of my hand. He also loves the feather sticks and drags even the biggest one across the room and even up on the bed as well. He's the cutest thing you've ever seen!

Aly runs down the hallway ahead of me and jumps up on the bed to let me know that he wants me to throw his toys up in the air. We started this game shortly after he came home because the bed is the softest place to land. This kid can leap so high! He makes me laugh everyday and has brought unlimited joy into my home and heart.

Aly also loves to slide under the covers and will even give me a gentle, playful nip on my knee every now and then. He has the most beautiful and loudest purr I've ever heard and if he's awake, his happy little motor is running. He adores his "big brother", the Tabby who escaped from a neighbor's apartment. The two of them play "chase me, catch me", "hide and jump on your brother" and they love to wrestle with each other.

As you know, I was mourning over the loss of my last wonderful Siamese cat. Aloysius was the best medicine in the world! He always comes trotting in to meet me as soon as he hears the door and he has the sweetest little meow! I adore him and love him more than anything. It makes me feel so good to see him so happy and healthy. He's also great with my neighbor's Yorkie and has never even hissed at him. Aloysius is the softest, silkiest bundle of love you could ever imagine! I can't keep my hands off of him and he wants to be where I am so it doesn't get any better than this! I wouldn't think of going to anyone but you and I would recommend you to anyone who wants a healthy, happy and beautiful Siamese cat in their life.

I can't wait until I can bring another one of your beautiful cats home with me. I just took a look at the latest kittens and they're all beautiful and so tempting!

Thank you so much for filling an empty spot in my heart and my life with such a wonderful furry kid! I'm attaching some recent photos for you and I'll also send you a link to my Flickr page. If you ever think about going on Facebook, I wanted to let you know that I've signed up and I have lots of photos of Aloysius there. I'm going to write a review on Yelp.com and I'll forward the link to you as well. I'll make sure to include a link to your site with my review. I already have many photos of him on my Yelp profile.

If you ever want to use me as a reference, I'd be more than happy to talk to someone about my experience with you. I'll have nothing but raves to give them! I'm also happy to write reviews anywhere else you think they'd be helpful so please ask if I can do anything to help.

I hope this finds you and your lovely family happy and healthy!

Warmest wishes,

Nancy, H.
San Francisco, CA

Hi Annabel,

Here is a recent photo of Ian. He is settling in well. We love him. He is quite a character and is getting used to the
run of the house. He has his favorite toys and has used his kitty box all the time. He was so well trained. Thank you so much for everything. We would definitely recommend To-Pher Cattery to everyone.

Fiona and Robin, E.
San Jose, CA

Hello Annabel,

I would like to thank you for this adorable blue point Siamese kitten. Her new name is Kirakishou AKA Kira ^_^.
She did not have any problems adjusting after a 10hr flight, when I brought her in the house I opened the crate and waited for her to come out. When she did, the first place she went to was her food and then her litter box-no problems there ^_^.

She is very playful and at times mischievous but not at all aggressive, when I come home from work she will usually hide but after five minutes of me settling in she is back to her playful self. She is actually in my lap purring like a motorcycle as I'm writing to you, she loves attention and interactive play.

Her first trip to the Vet was a pleasant one, her Vet along with the other Veterinarians at the clinic were very
impressed with her along with Angelina's Seal Point Siamese she [bought] from you. She was impressed how you provided us with the kitten kit along with [an] Immunization and Health records card that I will bring with me every time she has a visit to the Vet.

I cannot thank you enough for this new addition to the family, she is such a joy to be around!

There is no doubt that I would highly recommend your cattery to anyone looking for a Traditional Siamese Kitten.

Thank you again!

LeiLani, M.
Queens Village, NY

I just wanted to let you know that Blue and August are getting along. I want to thank you for Blue. He's loving and playful. You did a great job with him. I love my little [Blue] very much and so does his Big sister [August].

Thank You.

-Angelina, M.
Queens Village, NY

Hi there Annabel and Chris!!!

Where do I start??? Lila V.Kittaen, what a little clown she is. She is constantly making me laugh, she must be a direct descendant of the Flying Wollendas, I've never seen a kittie fly so high.

Back to the 14th of June. Our ride home was pretty uneventful. Lila learned her name by the time we got home because every time she meowed, I would say, Lila! Or sometimes I would say, Lila V.Kittaen!!! We arrived home, brought her to our bedroom and let her out of the carrier. Lila stayed under the bed for a while, acting very timid.  That night she climbed into our bed on her own, and dove under the covers where she slept all night. At 5:00 am the next morning, I awoke to her loud meows, she wanted some attention - and she wanted it right then and there. So I played with her until it was time for church. That same evening Lila began to fly. She flew from the bed to the chair and back again. She flew after her kittie toys, after she knocked them away with her paw. She flew after the Laser beam I shined on the floor. It appeared she was flying everywhere she went.

Bruce put down our new floor, and we let her out of the bedroom after six days. She really flies now. She can't get any traction so she runs, slides and flies throughout the house. She greets us when we come home from running errands. She loves being petted and rubbed, her little motor purrs forever. The vet gave her a clean bill of health on the 16th of June, and Lila had her second vaccine on the 25th.

We are so grateful for all you've done to make this transaction as smooth as possible. Lila is definitely one of the joys in our lives. I can't wait to see what she does next. God bless you and yours.

Rebecca L., G.
Placerville, CA

Shehezerade is a “people kitty” and always wants to be with us. She’s still confined at night – every time I think I’ve completely “kitty proofed” my house, she’ll come up with something else she shouldn't be into - she’s trying, one petal at a time, to dismantle a bouquet of 24 silk roses. Thank you so much for such a wonderful kitten. She’s a real live wire – I don’t remember my Persian ever being this active. She’s completely a “people kitty” and always wants to be with us. She’s still confined at night – every time I think I’ve completely “kitty proofed” my house, she’ll come up with something else she shouldn't be into - she’s trying, one petal at a time, to dismantle a bouquet of 24 silk roses.

She also is convinced that “NO” means “LATER”. She answers to her name and comes running. She’s found her kitty condo is a great place to take a nap, but she reserves the mat under the little box for claw sharpening. She’s just about to start her 3rd pound of kibble with vitamins. She’s taken over the wicker waste paper basket in the family room as a great place to play and nap. After picking up the contents for the umpteenth time, it’s hers – I can always throw stuff away behind the cupboard door in the kitchen. She got her stitches out at the Vet check the day after Memorial Day and my vet of many years, Doc Barnes (Animal Care Center, Vacaville) said, “you got a new one—and they don’t come much newer unless you grow them yourself.” She weighed a whopping 2 ½ pounds on that day and 3 pounds last Saturday when she had shot #2. Shot #3 is scheduled for Saturday June 28. She and the dog have hers and hers cat tracks (donut shaped with a ping pong type ball in them) and often play with them together – both paws hitting the ball back and forth. They nap together unless it’s too warm and seem to get along fine. They haven’t begun the chasing games yet, but any day now. She’s absolutely a perfect kitten!

-Victoria, G.
Vacaville, CA

Annabel and Chris, I want to thank you so much for Bentley, my little Lilac Point Siamese, he is so much fun to have in our family. He sleeps next to me in my bed every night and loves to spend all day in front of the window watching the prairie dogs run around our back yard. He loves to talk, too! We sometimes have full conversations with him, we will say something and he will meow right back, it is so funny! We also found out he likes to paint! I was working on a painting for a class, and he thought it would be fun to jump up into the paint and track paw prints all over the tile floor, my mom and I were covered in hot pink paint trying to wash his feet off, laughing uncontrollably the whole time. He has definitely been a pleasure to have around, our home must have been so boring with out him! Thank you again, you were wonderful in getting him safely to me in Phoenix, Arizona and have been so helpful in all the questions I have had about him. Our lives are so much more fun now that Bentley has come into our family!

~Amanda, K
Phoenix, AZ

Hi Annabel & Chris. Thank you so much for such a beautiful little kitten named Ryeleigh. Both of you were fantastic to deal with and you made this such a pleasant experience from day one. WE would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a beautiful Siamese kitten with personality. Enclosed you will see some pictures of Ryeleigh in her new home playing with her new playmate Sammie. Thanks again.

-Tim & Vicki, M.
Shakopee, MN

Well my daughter and I just fell hopeless in love with little Israel (now Starbuck) and our ride home may have been long but as you can see from the picture Starbuck enjoyed it. With a little time and love Mr Starbuck and my daughter's cat Madison Lee got along just fine as you can see from the other picture I am sending you. From the third picture I am sending you, you can see that Mr Starbuck is quite willing to share Ms Madison new cat condo with her. Mr Starbuck is such a wonderful little guy. No problems what so ever in his adapting and using the potty box and everything. Starbuck loves to get love, kisses, petting, and combing and he just purrrs happily all the while. Although it has been years since I had a baby kitty, he is such a love and joy playing with his toys and running and jumping and letting you play with him. I think everyday both my daughter and I grow closer and closer to the little guy. I just love coming home and seeing his little teddy bear seal point Siamese face.

I believe as a breeder you have done a wonderful job raising Starbuck during his earlier years to be healthy and happy and just a joy to be with. As I told you when I met you, I was very impressed with your website and your cattery from the beginning. Your website just really says you love your kitty's and you are concerned with {their} health and {longevity}. From your helpful hints to your healthy food suggestions your babies come first and for that I am glad because I am concerned with having a friend that will be with me a long long time. It was wonderful of you to send all of Starbuck's (Israel) pictures from a baby on until I got him. It really makes me feel I have been involved with the little guy since his birth. You know I have never seen another breeder to have so many pictures of each of {their} kittens. And I have never seen a breeder to send so much kitty goodies home with them and have them fixed and implanted with there finder chip [Micro-chip] as you do. Over all you are an extra-ordinary breeder {whose} kitties are just a joy and a love to have and be with.

Thank you so much
Ken, B.
Riverside, CA

As you can see by the attached picture Elvis has turned into a handsome young man. Though he is mischievous, he is cute and forgivable. He still likes to attempt to nurse off of his sisters who still don't find this practice amusing but have taken him in as one of their own. Elvis is a lover who like to make his rounds making sure everyone gets a chance to love him back. Thank you Annabel for producing such a wonderful pet who is very much part of our family.

-Tom & Sue, K.
Walnut Creek, CA

Dear Annabel,

We absolutely adore the newest member of our family. We've been meaning to write or call to let you know just how appreciative we are of the care you've taken, and how absolutely delighted we are with him. I know we may have appeared a bit ambivalent when we picked him up (we were very attached to our last Balinese cat, Sumba), but rest assured we are now adoring parents. What a wonderful kitten he is. We are completely won over. His new name is Omar. He is so handsome, sociable, lovable, well-mannered, playful, and bright! Sometimes he seems like a wise old soul. His coat is luxurious, his coloring is stunning, and everyone who sees him comments on his beautiful clear blue eyes. He is a very handsome cat and we lavish attention on him, so he is well fed, groomed and attended to. He is incredibly good-natured, and loves to be close to us, which makes us all very happy. He has a very quiet little meow, but purrs up a storm. He loves to be held, and we all love holding him. His whiskers are finally beginning to grow back, if slowly.

The return trip was good. It was a nice quiet transition, cool and comfortable in our car, and he seemed quite happy to sleep in his carrier and get cuddle breaks when we stopped along the way. He also ate and drank well, so we didn't need to worry about him getting dehydrated on the trip. It was actually a good way to bond since there were few distractions. He seems very happy here and has quickly learned to find his way around. We didn't need any special treatment for his litter. He is already quite fastidious, and the "World's Best Litter" is great. Thanks to Dominick from us.

We will send along pictures soon.

Thanks again. Best,
Catherine, F. & family
Portland, OR

Just wanted to let you know that Fantasia, now Bella Boo, had her first check up with the vet on Tuesday. He said she was a beautiful, healthy kitten and gave her a clean bill of health. She is so much much and sweet, sweet, sweet.

Loves to play but loves to cuddle, too. She interacts well with Alex (my 5-year old seal point Balinese). She loves to pounce on his big fluffy tail and he loves to tease her with it. I'm so glad to have her. Makes recovery from surgery so much better! Take care and God Bless.

~Sharlene & Ward, K.
Poplarville, MS

Have I told you how much we are enjoying our girl. She is the most fun, friendly, outgoing and playful. She has a little bit of the diva in her, but no so much. She talks a lot, but still in a baby voice. She's getting into most
everything here. I really have to watch her to make sure she doesn't get hurt. She's fearless. She has about tripled in size since she came here. She likes her food. She's learned that making beds is a good time. They all love to play in the beds while you try to make it. I usually just make it right over them. Andrew loves her so much. He carries her around and she lets him. She's a far cry from our old lady cat who hates to be touched. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know and send you a couple of photos.

-Harriet, M.
Vacaville, CA

Dear Annabel,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything connected with the purchase of the little female
blue-point Balinese kitten. The whole experience was wonderful, from our first contact on the telephone through the day I picked ChaiLai PhaiLin up from your home. The kittens you breed are not only beautiful and healthy, but very well socialized and happy.

ChaiLai is just a gorgeous little bundle of love and activity, and has made a conquest of everyone who has come in contact with her. Having her baby pictures available online while waiting for her to be old enough to come to her new home was a real treat and gave me a chance to get a very early start on her own photo album!

Again, thank you so much for all your help and assistance (the follow-up call the week after the adoption was very nice). I would definitely recommend your cattery to anyone who is looking for a Siamese or Balinese kitten.


Vickie, L.
Alameda, CA

Dear Annabel,
This is just a short note to give you an update on Seymour, and to thank you for raising such a beautiful, affectionate kitten. He is happy and healthy and everyone who sees him is smitten by him. He is the most intelligent cat I've ever had the pleasure to be owned by. He is everything we hoped he would be. You give new meaning to the term "raised by hand". It is evident that he received an abundance of love and attention in your care.

Joan, C.
Benicia, CA

The little love is in my lap purring away and chirping as I type. All is perfect. He is the most well-adjusted kitten we have ever seen! He is loving, unafraid, sweet, playful and incredibly cute. He sleeps draped around my neck all night. He is absolutely thriving. We could not be happier with him.

Dear Annabel,
I cannot thank you enough for raising such a wonderful, loving kitten. Shipping him to Washington, DC could not have been easier. We could track his flight, he arrived on time and he was immediately affectionate. The trip did not appear to bother him in the least! Alfie is a beautiful, confident and healthy kitten. He's joined our
family (children, dog and Siamese cat) without any problems and is adored by all. We can tell he was loved from the start, and we really appreciate the quality of your cattery. Proof is in the little one purring in my lap.

Thank you,

Meredith, H.
Washington, D.C

Dear Annabel,

Sorry for taking so long to get this to you. We've been busy loving our kitty that you provided for us. Anyway, we want to give you a reference for your cattery.

We are so happy with our chocolate point female, who we named "Annie." She has loads of spunk, and is also very sweet and loving. Annabel and Chris {of Tresor Cats formerly To-Pher Cattery} provided us with a healthy, well cared for kitten, including lots of information and support. We would highly recommend them for the purchase of a traditional Siamese kitten. They obviously greatly love their cats, and are at the same time very professional. Thanks again, Annabel and Chris, for our "Annie." She fits right in with our family, and has even made friends with our two Jack Russell Terriers, who have the utmost respect for her.

Millie & Emma, H.
Shingle Springs, CA

I purchased a gorgeous two month old male, chocolate point Siamese from {Tresor Cats}, and I have never gotten a kitten that bonded with me so quickly. I believe this was possible due to the good job {Tresor Cats} did in socializing the kittens. When I took my kitten to my veterinarian for his first exam, my doctor even commented on how well behaved and socialized he was. It is obvious my kitten had been well cared for and raised in a clean, healthy environment. In addition to a healthy kitten, {Tresor Cats} gives you so much more. Not only are you provided with coupons and samples of good quality kitten food, and even kitty litter, but {Tresor Cats} spends the time to answer your questions and to give you helpful advice about keeping your pet healthy and safe. When you leave {Tresor Cats}, you are sent off with your kitten, food and litter samples, and many pamphlets and pieces of information on such topics as pet insurance, what to ask and watch for when getting your pet his/her shots and getting him;her altered/spayed {neutered}, dangerous plants to avoid, info on different types of cat food, and much more. Not only do you take away physical extras in addition to your new family addition, but {Tresor Cats} makes themselves available to you if you have questions or concerns after getting your new arrival home. One thing I particularly appreciated was the fact that after having my pet for about a week, {Tresor Cats} called me to see if everything was okay. This told me that {Tresor Cats} really cared about their kittens and wanted their kittens to be placed in good, loving homes. I would definitely want to purchase all my Siamese babies from {Tresor} because I know that I would be getting a loving and healthy pet.

-Laura, N.
San Francisco, CA

I apologize for the lateness in getting this testimonial to you . . . Please know that I think of both of you every day knowing the joy that you both have given me. From the moment I spoke with Annabel & Chris until the moment I picked up my girls . . . You made this “adoption” so smooth and enjoyable. Annabel & Chris constantly gave me updates from the moment their moms were pregnant, letting me know when they were born, sending weekly pictures so that I could enjoy their growth and watch even their personalities flourish. My girls have filled my home with such love, laughter, devilishness from the moment they arrived. Isabelle, my Balinese, is my sweet loving chunky monkey child, although she does not like to be held, she does love to sit in your lamp, of course when it’s convenient for her. She’s finding her voice now and certainly lets me know when she wants attention. Annabelle, my Siamese and “devil” child, is into everything, and of course knows what the word no is but pays no mind to it. She loves being held, of course, when it’s convenient for her, and is the best snuggler. She will go in the living room and cry at the top of her lungs where you think she’s being hurt and you run in to see if she’s okay and she’s just sitting there thinking – yes I’ve got her wrapped around my paw!

Thank you for filling my heart with love. I could not imagine what my world would be without them. I highly
recommend to anyone that if you are contemplating getting a kitten that you think about getting two. They are such great company for each other, and although their personalities are different, they love each other.

I will forever be in your debt and would recommend you highly to anyone who is looking to have a loving “cat child” or “cat children” in their home.

Your friend forever,

Margaret, K.
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Annabel,

Just a note to tell you what a great kitten Jango is! He adapted right away, and is fearless, smart, affectionate, active, healthy, and on and on. Everything is perfect with this kitten. I have had three kittens in my life, and he has the best characteristics of each of them!

He eats like a horse so he shouldn't be so small in a few weeks. I called my vet's office (Dr. Paul Umeda in
Sunnyvale--the best vet I've encountered on the Peninsula). Neither he nor his partner vet had an opening until Thursday and on Monday, Jango will be 12 weeks and due for his second shot. Since I see no indication of any health problems, I made an appointment next Monday afternoon.

He and Carey (my 4-year-old Seal Point) are friends already. She is very healthy (has sneezed twice in her life and has great teeth that have never needed to be cleaned--I do brush her teeth regularly). She is enjoying having more entertainment in the house (she is in her usual position at the windowsill watching birds at the feeder--which she interrupted to check on us).

Just now Jango stopped playing with his toys and climbed up on my lap. He is now sitting on my shoulder while purring loudly. Wasn't expecting the "runt of the litter" to be so confident and fearless. He was lying next to two "rat" toys when I brought canned food to him the first time (when he was isolated in a room by himself the first few days). He stood up and nudged both of the toys towards the food. When they weren't interested in eating, he dove in. What a polite little kitten. Great expressive eyes. He follows things very closely, and there seems to be a deep intelligence in his watchfulness. Thanks for bringing such a great cat into the world! I'll send a few photos. I am very very very impressed with this kitten (and I am not that easily impressed). You have done an excellent job.

As the "runt" of the litter I was not expecting him to be the most confident, self-assured, poised, affectionate kitten I have ever known. (The "how to pick a kitten books" warn to not get the runt.) I think Jocko was the runt--at least he was the only one not picked of his siblings and was not very confident, although a wonderful cat with a quirky personality who evolved to be self-assured.

Jango is very affectionate with me, Keith, and my big Siamese. A big purrer, too. He was the one who initiated
contact with my older Siamese! I took a photo today of them sleeping next to each other. Soon they will be entwined, I am certain. Carey is enjoying playing hide and seek with him, and watching him play makes her more active.

Right now Jango has formed a little sleeping "nest" surrounded by toys and is resting after a hectic morning. I took a picture of him in his nest, but it is with my big camera, and I have to find the connector to download photos from it.  Film cameras were easier in some respects.

I'll let you know what Dr. Paul and his team think of him. I'm sure they will be won over.

Thank you!

~Candice, B.
Sunnyvale, CA

We have fallen in love with our new Siamese kitten. She is healthy, loving and energetic. She is also diplomatic, sitting in both my husband's and my lap in turn. We appreciate the professional and efficient way Annabel and Christopher run their business. We would certainly recommend them to anyone wishing to buy a pure bred kitten.


Sydney, B.
Richmond, CA

Thank you so much for such a wonderful, perfect kitten. Tally is a beautiful and energetic addition to the family. Sophie, my other female, won't love. She is the sweetest and best behaved cat. Thanks again. I will definitely be sending pictures soon. She has gotten so Big!!!

-Desiree, C.
Fremont, CA

Dear Chris and Annabel~ thank you so much for the great experience in purchasing a kitten from your cattery. I named him Cooper. He was a well mannered kitten from the day I brought him home! He is a joy to me and my family as well as his Seal Point "sister". I would recommend your cattery to anyone who is looking for a beautiful well-bred Siamese kitten. I will definitely purchase again from you in the future. Thanks

~Jen, D.
Martinez, CA

Kittens: Lilac Point Siamese, Male (Leo) & Lilac Point Siamese, Female (Violet Rose)

NOTE: Violet Rose is not pictured, only Leo with his Seal Siamese companion from a different cattery.

Dear Annabel and Chris,

I wanted to thank you for the two wonderful lilac points I purchased from you over the past year. My little boy, who is now 1 year old, is so friendly and affectionate. He is so handsome and everyone he meets falls in love withhim. Our new little girl is turning out to also be very social and quite loving and affectionate. It is obvious you have done a wonderful job socializing them both. You have been very helpful answering all my questions. I have been 100% pleased with my experience both times around and would highly recommend you both to anyone looking for a Siamese kitten to brighten their life!

Thanks again,

Cindy, R.
San Francisco, CA

We are writing to let you know how much we enjoy our kitten “Charlie”. For one thing I like the fact [that] before we left your place Annabel made sure to clip his claws and gave us a lot of free things. We bought a 9 wk old Siamese.  He slept all the way home, and when he met our [other] animals he showed them who was [the] boss. He is now long and very well fed and smart. I liked the fact that ya'll [helped make] it easy to work [with] our military schedule to pick him up.

Rachel & Bryan, M.
Temecula, CA

Hi Annabel, I am SO sorry for the major delay in response!!! We keep taking pictures of Bella because we can't get enough of her! She is absolutely the most ADORABLE kitten we've ever seen, and we love her more than we ever imagined possible. Since the day she arrived, we have been absolutely smitten.

Bella is actually cuddled up in my lap right now, as I'm writing to you...she's purring away!!!

We cannot thank you enough for making this experience PERFECT. You took care of all arrangements and
coordinated details with my mom, for which I am so grateful. Thank you!

I never knew a kitten could be so personable and well trained. Bella has blessed our family (which includes my
husband, our boxer puppy, and myself) in many ways! Kona (our boxer) and Bella get along wonderfully, and we couldn't be more proud as parents!

I would very highly recommend you to everyone I know! This experience has been truly positive! I would also
recommend a Balinese kitten to any "cat-lover"--her personality is so unique. She is extremely playful while very affectionate. She loves to be with my husband and me at all times! He, too, is thrilled with our new addition! We can't thank you enough for blessing us with Bella. We are forever grateful.

I've attached a few pictures for you! I thought you might like to see how she's doing! And yes, I did go to the Vet with her, and I did receive the documents you sent in the mail. Thank you for providing all of that!! I would love to stay in touch!

Lory & Marcus, M.
Scottsdale, AZ
I would like to thank you for the absolutely delightful experience I’ve had with the adoption/purchase of my daughter’s new kitten! You have been so incredibly responsive, organized, thorough, conscientious, and caring, since the day we first called you. I cannot imagine how anything could have gone more smoothly. I just appreciate how you handled this experience so much!

We love Bella, she is adorable, and has obviously been well cared for, loved, and socialized since she was born. She is the most self assured, well adjusted little thing! Thank you so much for blessing our lives with her, and for being so wonderful to work with throughout this entire process of getting her from your hands to ours.

Janine, F. (Mother of Lory, M.)
Scottsdale, AZ

Just to let you know that everything went OK at home.... He ate a little bit of wet food (a half of a half can) but no water yet. He played a lot with his toys (balls-we bought 5 or 6...hehe, and 1 bear cat and 2 small bear dogs). He already scratched his post and ran under the sofa. We went to the kitchen to dinner and he stayed at the living room crying a little...but, we called him (a lot) and he went to the kitchen with us. But as soon as my husband went back to the living room, he went behind him. When I came from the kitchen...he was already in the sofa, beside my husband...almost sleeping!!! Then , we put him on my husband's chest and he is there right now...sleeping like a baby!!! And..he already went to get our legs...hehe!!! And now my husband just said that he didn't think that he would like a cat....and they're perfect together... My husband is so close to him that I am a little jealous sometimes...because he leaves me to be with him...and he didn't have any experience with cats!!! All this in less than a day, after a stressful trip of 10 hours. Thanks for this precious little friend!!!

Ok..I think that these are the new adventures for now...

Cintia & Carlos, K.
Yonkers, NY

Thank you so much. We are all well and LOVING our new kitten. The girls are great friends and play almost
all the time. We call Mimi our love glutton because she can't have too much loving'. She loves tucking herself under my chin and sleeping there only after a certain amount of petting and tickling. She has definitely trained us. I find myself excited about getting home to see her and her sister who is a bit more stand offish and independent. So I usually have one on my lap and another under my chin. I followed your advice and went on e-bay and found a wonderful 2 cat condo which should be here any day. I'll try to get a new picture of her to email to you. Thanks again!

-Kathy, W.
Santa Rosa, CA

Lila has taken over the whole house and is having a blast. She is very much a mamma's girl, Practically ignoring my roommate. The older kitty (age 14) is tolerating her and allows her to play with her tail but does not like the nursing attempts. My 6 year old kitty is still adjusting. Lila is one of the happiest little kitties I have ever had. She is not afraid to demand food or attention- sometimes the screaming method, sometimes the intense purring method.

She already knows her name and comes racing down the stairs as soon as I get home. She plays nonstop, always looking for the newest toy and then loves to curl up under my neck for some togetherness time. She moved into the bed on night #2 and is quite well behaved for someone so small. I am taking her to the vet tonight for her second set of shots. All in all a great success.

Robin, S.
Benicia, CA

This little kitten is talkative, playful, silly, inquisitive and quite a cuddlier, loves under the chin. She took to our Seal point Siamese after 3 days like long lost sisters. You two have a wonderful cattery, clean and well organized You are very thorough, and making sure the kittens are raised well and healthy. This comes through in the personality. A++ from me and Shilo, for giving her such a great start in life.

Matt, P.
Napa, CA

Thank you so much for the beautiful Red Point! He is so loving and enjoys being with people and is a real clown. Big Red is the clown of the house. He is so loving and loves to be held. You did a wonderful job in raising him. He is not having any problems with the litter box any more...it was just the first night. You have done a great job raising your cats and they are in excellent health. I plan to get another kitten from your cattery sometime this year. Thank you again!!

Faye, H.
Santa Rosa, CA

Chris and Annabel, I want to thank you for the fine service and attention that was part of getting our new Kitten "Hantu" He's truly into everything (it's his job) and now has made the house his home. I hope to get another kitten from you soon! Once again, Thank You!

Dean, P.
Pacific Grove, CA

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to own such a great kitty!! We ended up naming him Bun. My Family and I love Bun, and he brings so much warmth into our home. We are enjoying our new addition to our family very much, he is lively and energetic, and he adapted to change very quickly.

San Jose, CA
Hey Chris and Annabel thank you so much for your help in finding our very much loved new kitty. You were both so welcoming and kind to Leah and I. I cant thank you enough, I only wish you could see how happy our new kitty makes Leah and puts a smile on her face.

San Jose, CA

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