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Amy Carter Former President Jimmy Carters Daughter

Actress Ann Margaret

Actress Ava Gardner

Actress Vivian Leigh

Actor Anthony Perkins

Actress Carole Lombard

Actor Clark Gable

Actress Kim Novak

Actress Kim Novak

Actress Ginger Rogers

Actress Margaret Lockwood

Actress Elizabeth Taylor

Actress Olivia de Havilland

Actress Jayne Mansfield

Actor Peter Lorre

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Actor Laurence Olivier

James Mason

Actress Jane Fonda

English Actress Greer Garson

Actress Kim Novak

Actress Sophia Loren


Claudia Cardinale

British Actress

Diana Dors

Actor Paul Newman

Musician Davey Jones

Musician Davey Jones

Swiss Actress Ursula Andress

Poet Rod McKuen

American Singer Roberta Flack

Celebrities & Siamese Cats In History

The Siamese & Balinese Cat Is A Timeless Masterpiece Woven Through History and Time…

I have many more photos of celebrities with their Siamese and Balinese cats in my Pinterest album.  

Check it out by following this link: