Balinese & Siamese Cat Allergy Testing Kit information:

In this page I offer my potential clients the opportunity to purchase my “at home testing kit” for either a Balinese, or a Siamese cat, or for both (Balinese & Siamese).  It usually takes me about 1-2 business day’s to process a kit.  I mail my kit’s via the USPS.

The at home exposure therapy kit includes the following:

1.  Clump of cat fur (I groom the cat with a de-shedding brush and collect the fur) enclosed in a ziploc baggie.

2.  A Hypoallergenic baby washcloth (new) that is rubbed all over the cats body to collect dander and loose hair, enclosed in a ziploc baggie.

3.  Two cotton swab’s (Q-Tips) that will be used to collect cat saliva, enclosed in a ziploc baggie.

4.  Instructions for exposure therapy.

Payments are accepted through Paypal for Allergy Test Kits..

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Allergy Kit Options:

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Please Do Not Order My Allergy Kit’s Unless You Have Called Me to Discuss My Kittens Pricing/Availability And How The Allergy Kit’s Work.  Thank You.  My Number Is 916-910-9200.

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