Tresor Cats' gorgeous Balinese queens are featured below:

Almost all of our girls were raised by us in our home as kittens, and are pretty much

house-cats as well as breeding queens.  They are all good mothers to their babies, and

do a  great job in socializing and teaching the kittens manners.  

All of my Balinese breeding queens are registered with T.I.C.A &/or CFA &/or C.F.F.

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Tresor Cats Primrose Mockinjay

Lilac Point Balinese Queen

(TICA & CFA Registered)

Tresor Cats Princess Apple Blossom

Lilac Point Balinese Queen

(TICA & CFA Registered)

Provenance Autumn Mist of Tresor Cats

Chocolate Tortie  Point Balinese Queen

(TICA & CFA Registered)

Serenade Caprice Kiss of Tresor Cats

Chocolate Lynx  Point Balinese Queen

(TICA & CFA Registered)

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Tresor Cats Queen Shiva

Blue Lynx Point Balinese Queen

(TICA Registered)

~ Will Be Ready For Adoption by May or June of 2022~

*She is currently pregnant with her last litter and is due 2/2022*

About:  Shiva is a sweet, playful lady cat.  She gets along well with other cats, and is not dominant.  She enjoys the company of a male cat most.  She is incredibly agile, loves to play with feather teasers and laser pointers.  She has been a devoted mom to her babies, but it’s time for her to retire in 2022.  She will be 5 years old February 17th, 2022.  She is fully litterbox trained, eats her kibble and canned food with no issue, and uses cat trees to scratch.  She is so-so on nail trimming, but enjoys being brushed.  She never mats, and her coat is silky smooth, medium in length.  She has a wonderfully manageable coat.  I don’t know how she will do with dogs, since we don’t have any and I don’t know how she will do with young children.  She will be ready to leave us summer of  2022 after she is recovered from birthing and nursing her upcoming litter.  She will be spayed, be up to date on her shots and prepared for retirement after she weans her upcoming litter..   

She will do best in an indoor only home where she can be the center of attention.  She is such a beautiful and good natured lady cat.  If you are interested in giving Shiva a permanent home, call  me at 916-910-9200 or email me at  

Thanks for your interest in Shiva.  

~Annabel of Tresor Cats