List Of Kitten Litters:

Current As Of August 15th, 2022 A.D.

All of our kittens come with a kitten kit, and a variety of veterinary treatments.  We do our very best to give them a good start in life.  We take great pride in our all inclusive kitten packages.  We are happy to provide the most veterinary treatments whilst the kittens are in our cares, and this is all done to prepare them for their new forever homes.  For details about what each kitten comes with, check out our "kitten kits" page!  Also, to view pictures of past Siamese & Balinese Kittens click here!

If you are interested in acquiring a kitten from Tresor Cats, then please call 916.910.9200 or e-mail us at

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Breeder (Annabel Of Tresor Cats) always retains the option for first pick of any litter as or when needed to continue the breeding lines and to continue the breeding program.  No, I don’t always keep a kitten from every litter, but it’s important that if I ever did need to replace an adult cat, that I can pull a kitten from my own tried tested and true lines before introducing new lines from other breeders.  

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Upcoming Litters or Breeding’s for Summer 2022:

1. Caprice Kiss X Periwinkle.   1 Male/2 Female kittens born 8/10/2022.  This will be an all BALINESE litter in all four colors possible (including Lynx).

2.  Primrose X Saffron.  3 Males/2 Females Born 8/11/2022.  This will be an all Balinese litter in all four colors, including Tortie Points and Red Points.

3.  Goji Berry X Periwinkle.  5 Females/3 Males born 8/13/ 2022.  This will be a Siamese & Balinese litter which can result in all four colors possible (NO LYNX).

NOTE:  Clients on my waiting list have first priority when selecting kittens from these current/new/upcoming litters.  To learn more about joining my waiting list, please contact me via my contact form.  Thank You!    >^..^<

O’Cairns Cats Atlantis Ocean Eyes

Blue Point Balinese Female Born 12/12/2021


About:  I am placing this beautiful girl, Atlantis up for sale to a wonderful home.  I acquired this sweet girl April of this year in hopes of raising her to produce beautiful, healthy kittens with our studs.  She is 8 months old at this time, so she is in her teenage age stage.  She is sweet, playful, curious,  has the softest cashmere coat, and is incredibly friendly.  She is being re-homed due to a health issue which will not impact her life-span at all, but that would preclude her from being a mommy cat.  She will be placed after she heals from her upcoming scheduled spay, as well as leave us with her shots up to date, as well as examined by our vet.  She would do best in just about any indoor home, but preferably as an only cat, or as a cat sharing the home with a young adult cat that is up to date on all vaccines.  We don’t know what she would be like around a dog, but due to her friendly nature… we believe she would do great so long as proper introduction is facilitated with the dog.  She is using her litter box perfectly, eating kibble, and canned food like a champ, drinks water, appreciates treats, and loves to be touched!  Most females are somewhat “Diva”, but not this sweet girl.  

If you are interested in this precious girl, call me at 916-910-9200 or email me at