Adele G.D. Locke

Siamese Cat History - Royal Siamese cat 1911

Encyclopedia Britannica - Photo, R. C. Ryan

Duen Ngai, Kalohom and Khromata (The first progeny in 1905).

A litter by "Tachin".  Owned by Lady Marcus Beresford.  (photo:  J. Fall, Baker Street.)

Litter of Siamese kittens belonging to Lady Marcus Beresford.  (Photo: J. Fall, Baker St. W.)

Pais OK Siamese, belonging

to Mrs. Armitage

(Photo:  Salmon & Batchan,

New Bond Street, W.)

Mrs. Robinson's "Champion Wankee"

Seal Point Male Born 1895

Sire: Robert

Dam: Mons

Tiam O'Shian IV

Seal Point Male Born 1899

Sire: Tiam O'Shian III

Dam: Polyphema

Celebrities & Famous Persons With Siamese Cats

Seal Point

Chocolate Point

Blue Point

Lilac Point

View more pictures of celebrities and famous persons by

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"Seal Point Siamese", Illustrated in "The Cat:  It's Points & Management In

Health & Disease, Author:  Frank Townend Barton 1908 Everett & Co.

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