Tresor Cats' gorgeous queens are featured below:

Almost all of our girls were raised by us in our home as kittens, and are pretty much

house-cats as well as breeding queens.  They are all good mothers to their babies, and

do a  great job in socializing and teaching the kittens manners.  

All my of my breeding queens are registered with C.F.A &/Or C.F.F.


Princess Portia or Tresor Cats

Blue Pt. Balinese Queen (CFA & CFF Registered)

Daughter of:

Dam:  Amarige Royale of Tresor Cats

Sire:  Permes Chase

Evangeline De J’Adore of Tresor Cats

Chocolate Pt. Balinese Queen (CFA & CFF Registered)

Daughter of:

Dam:  J’Adore Bouquet

Sire:  Permes Lord Edmund Blackadder

Tresor Cats Eponine Thenardier

Lilac Lynx Point Balinese Queen (CFF Registered)

Daughter of:

Dam:  Tresor Cats Mademoiselle Paris

Sire:  Tresor Cats Quintus Maximus

Tresor Cats Dulcinea Lady Love

Blue Point Balinese Future Queen (CFA & CFF Registered)

Daughter of:

Dam:  Amarige Royale of Tresor Cats

Sire:  Tresor Cats Quintus Maximus

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Three New Queens For Our Breeding Program!

1.  Permes Mona Lisa of Tresor Cats (Seal Pt. Siamese Female)

2.  Permes Velouria Bleu of Tresor Cats (Blue Lynx Balinese Female)

3.  Permes Blue Tigerlily of Tresor Cats (Blue Lynx Siamese Female)

These three new girls will be bred to our studs (Napoleon & Husani) during the Spring of 2015 for Summer litters.  Keep checking in for more updates and details!

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