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Tresor Cats' gorgeous Siamese & Balinese

queens are featured below:

Almost all of our girls were raised by us in our home as kittens, and are pretty much house-cats as well as breeding queens.  They are all good mothers to their kittens, and do a great job in socializing and teaching the kittens ‘cat’ manners and etiquette.  

All of my breeding queens are registered with T.I.C.A or C.F.A &/Or C.F.F.

Baliwest Marilyn Monroe of Tresor Cats

Chocolate Point Balinese Queen

(TICA & CFF Registered)

Daughter of:

Dam:  Chamomile of Baliwest  

Sire:  Michel Angelo of Baliwest

Permes Blue Tigerlily of Tresor Cats

Blue Lynx Point Siamese Queen

(TICA & CFF Registered)

Daughter of:

Dam:  Permes Oni

Sire:  Permes Perseus

Permes Snow White of Tresor Cats

Foreign White Balinese Queen

(TICA & CFF Registered)

Daughter of:

Dam:  Permes Muy Bella

Sire:  ChicagoSnow McCloud

Tresor Cats Dulcinea Lady Love

Blue Point Balinese Queen (CFA & TICA & CFF Registered)

Daughter of:

Dam:  Amarige Royale of Tresor Cats

Sire:  Tresor Cats Quintus Maximus

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