Kittens sold as pets will be sold with a strict spay (females) or

neuter (males) agreement & come with the following services &

products already included & paid for by Tresor Cats!

*Only kittens that are intended to be part of a responsible breeding program will be sold intact along with

their T.I.C.A &/or C.F.A &/or C.F.F registration papers, and this is only based on a very delicate study of the persons interested in breeding.  Generally we only sell breeding rights to people who have established T.I.C.A &/or C.F.A &/or C.F.F cattery's, and are interested in promoting and perfecting the Applehead Siamese &/or Balinese breed.

For PRICING information, contact me via the ‘contact us' page at the navigation bar, or

E-mail me at or call at 916-910-9200.

All Siamese & Balinese pet kittens come prepared with the following

products & veterinary health treatments:

~ Most importantly you get a healthy Siamese kitten or Balinese Kitten, with a great Personality...

~Health Examination:  Kittens will receive a general health examination by our licensed Veterinarian.

~Paperwork:  Kittens sold as pets will receive  their T.I.C.A &/or C.F.A &/or C.F.F registration papers upon receipt of their  Spay/Neuter certificate or veterinary documentation proving that the kitten was in fact altered before 7 months of age by the owners veterinarian.  Exceptions to this clause will be if the kitten has to be altered later in life due to a health issue, or if the kitten was sold with breeding rights in writing..

~ Kitten Kit: You get a great kitten packet from us which includes: a FREE 1 lb. bag of dry food, a toy, a kitten care guide,

a health record, feeding instructions, nutritional information, and a folder to store all your important kitten related


~ Litter Kit: You get 1 FREE disposable litter box and, also, a 1 lb. bag of

Cat Attract Litter Additive, plus coupons towards discounted bags of the cat attract litter additive, precious cat litter, and precious cat long haired cat litter.

~ Micro-Chip:  Our Siamese kittens & Balinese kittens are implanted with a MICRO-CHIP, the manufacturing company is called Accu-metrics and their microchips are called “Viaguard”, based in Toronto, ON, CANADA.

~De-worming:  Kittens are de-wormed between 8-12 weeks old against most common parasites.

~ NuVet Vitamins:  We strongly recommend NuVet Plus for Feline vitamins, and therefore require that our kittens

continue to be supplemented until their second or fourth birthday.  As the owner you will select your term (2 or 4 years) of


(To order, call 800-474-7044, please mention referral discount code if prompted: 7355077 )

~ Vaccines:  at 8-10 weeks old the kittens are given their first shot, a 4 in 1 Distemper Vaccine which covers the

following:  (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia, and chlamydia).

* At 10-12 weeks old the kittens may be given a second distemper vaccine which covers the following:  (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia).

*NOTE:  Sometimes a kitten may leave with just 1 feline distemper vaccine being given.

~A Veterinary Health Record

~ 72 hour health guarantee. Conditions: Kittens must be seen by Buyer's Veterinarian within 72 hours of sale, if within the

72-hour period the kitten is deemed by the Buyer & Buyer's Veterinarian to be unsuitable, or not pet quality...the kitten

can be returned for a pet price refund or be exchanged for another kitten of the same breed, type and price. Our Siamese

kittens & Balinese kittens are guaranteed to be FeLV & FIV negative.  And they are always kept indoors, as well as our

adult queens and studs.  All of our cats and kittens are Flea-Free.

FYI: (Shipping Kittens): To minimize the cost of shipping, we do not include Litter/Food kits when a kitten is shipped.

Instead, we provide coupons for free bags of litter if we have them.

NOTE:  Depending on the availability of my supplies, it is my discretion to change or limit certain items that I give away

or services I provide with or without notice to the buyer(s).


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Seal Point Siamese Kitten In Black And White Effect Seal Point Siamese Male Kitten in  Black & White Effect

Products and Veterinary Treatments Provided For Each Tresor Cats Kitten:

Our Costs

Veterinary Health Examination (our veterinarians charge)


1 or 2 Feline Distemper Vaccines (4-in-1)***(Average Value Per Vaccine)


Microchip Implant (Basic Transponder Chip, NOT A GPS Chip)




1 Disposable Litter Box


Cat Attract 1 Lb. Bag and Coupons


Cat Food 1 Lb. (Life's Abundance)


Kitten Toy


Birth - up - to 10-12 Weeks Of Caring, Loving, Spoiling, and Socializing Each Kitten


Total Investment Per Kitten On Average (THIS IS NOT THE KITTENS PRICE):


Seal Pt. Siamese Kitten In Black & White, Eye Color Preserved.

Seal Pt. Siamese Kitten In Black & White, Eye Color Preserved.

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