Available Adult Cats


From time to time a breeder must make the difficult decision to part with beloved cats in a breeding program in order to give the adult cat a chance at a real life as a family pet.  I am a lot more selective about who adopts my retired adult cats because they have unique personalities that must match their potential family.  


NOTE:  All adults that leave my home as "pets" will leave

altered (Spayed/Neutered), and cats that are approved for sale as breeders, will leave intact.



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Siamese Royalty Amarige Royale

Blue Pt. Siamese Female

(CFA & CFF Registered)


Daughter of:


Dam:  Sasc’Seecats Isis

Sire:  Permes Lord Edmund Blackadder




Note:  Amarige was born on 8/05/2009, so she is 4 years old.  She is a fun, confident cat.  She still loves playing with feather teasers, and enjoys cat trees, especially looking out the window.  She is curious, intelligent and sweet.  She is independent, but gives affection on her own terms (when she wants to).  She is a great girl!  If interested in Amarige, contact me via the contact us page.  She will be ready to leave our home Autumn of 2014, at which point she will be spayed, have her teeth cleaned, and receive any updated shots, as well as a health exam.