Available Adult Cats

From time to time a breeder must make the difficult decision to part with beloved cats in a breeding program in order to give the adult cat a chance at a real life as a family pet.  I am a lot more selective about who adopts my retired adult cats because they have unique personalities that must match their potential family.  

NOTE:  All adults that leave my home as "pets" will leave

altered (Spayed/Neutered), and cats that are approved for sale as breeders, will leave intact.

1 Adult Cat Is Pending Adoption At This Time!

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Tresor Cats Tansy Black Mamba

Seal Point Balinese Female

(TICA Registered )

Daughter of:

Dam:  Baliwest Marilyn Monroe

Sire:  TresorCats Napoleon Black Sparrow




About Tansy:  Tansy was born here at Tresor cats on June 3rd, 2016.  She is a lovely girl, however she is small size wise, but very plush (fluffy).  She weighs 7 lbs.  She was intended to be a long term breeding queen for me, however, she doesn’t handle maternity very well.  She is an excellent mother, but got very weak after her first, and only litter.  It is because of this reason that I have decided to spay her and place her in a pet only home.  It is a pity to lose her beautiful line, but my main concern will always be my queens well being.  Some cats just aren’t meant to be moms.  She is a gorgeous female all around.  She is a little shy at first when she meets new people, but with a soft voice, petting, and a little patience she can be won over.  She is a well behaved cat, she doesn't pick fights, she’s quiet, she is peaceable, and clean.  She will leave spayed, with all current vaccines, and wellness checked.  She is only a year and a half old, so she has a lot of years to spend with a family.  Her best family match will be in a home with or without other cats or dogs, older children (or at least 5 years old and up, must be gentle), and a generally quiet, routine home environment.  I prefer to place her in state so that she isn’t exposed to any undue stress by being shipped.  She will be ready to leave on or around the 2nd week of March.  

 If you are interested in Tansy, let me know by phone at 916-910-9200 or by e-mail.